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Ekas RapidWeb.NET and RapidWeb.SL - coming soon!

Ekas Software announces a new product line for ASP.NET and Silverlight developers, Ekas RapidWeb solutions.

Ekas RapidWeb.Net is a rapid development framework intended to help ASP.NET developers quickly and easily build back end Administration, Data Access and Content Management areas for their web sites and portals created basing on ASP.NET and Ajax technologies.

Ekas RapidWeb.SL is a Silverlight-based framework intended to cover the same areas but using the most modern and advanced capabilities provided by Silverlight technology.

Beta release has been scheduled for this August, with final releases planned in Q4.

Inquiries and preorders

The products are in the stage of active development now, we will appreciate any thoughts, questions, suggestions etc. Please also feel free to indicate your interest and if you are going to try our products or beta test them once they will be pre-released. Drop us a line in a free form using the form below and we will contact you once any news happen.

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